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Pre-Jamestown interview with Joan Rivers

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Joan has been interviewed about her appearance in Jamestown this Thursday:


You have to get up pretty early in the morning to catch a living legend. In my case, the legend was comedian Joan Rivers, who was impossibly sharp and cheerful at 8 a.m.


Like the pacesetter in a Comedy Marathon, she was off and running.


On her recent European vacation with her grandson: "We saw everything and we ate everywhere and we did any- and everything. And the favorite part was playing soccer in Hyde Park.


"We were there 10 days and it was great. And he learned a very good lesson, which was the French stink. They're so rude!"


On Elizabeth Taylor: "I was the first one to say she was fat. Years ago, she couldn't get out of her car. She wore a yellow slicker and eight school children tried to board her."


On celebrities offended by her remarks: "I couldn't care less. They don't pay my bills. And I don't say anything maliciously. I'm a reviewer. My allegiance is to the people I'm telling (things) to, about who I think looks good and looks bad. I'm one of the few who tells the truth. That's why I've lasted so long."


Rivers has not only lasted, she's arguably more popular now than ever, just like Betty White.


At 78, she stars on not one but two TV shows ("Fashion Police" and "Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best"). She still performs stand-up, especially in Las Vegas, and she hawks enough merchandise on QVC to fill the pawnshop on "Pawn Stars" 10 times over.


Rivers is also headed to the Reg Lenna Civic Center in Jamestown, N.Y., for the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival on Thursday at 8 p.m. She agreed to perform not only because she loves Lucy, like the rest of the world, but knew her.


"She was obviously a generation ahead of me, but I was lucky enough to work with her," Rivers said. "Not on the original sitcom but on two of the later ones and that was great.


"I got to see her; she was always at awards shows," she added. They (Lucy and husband Gary Morton) were very nice people. They'd invite us to the house. And she was a generous soul when it came to other comedians."


In a 1973 episode of "Here's Lucy," Joan and Lucy do jury duty together. Even then, in their first scene together, Rivers was critiquing fashion.


Lucy: What do you think, was that judge wearing a toupee?


Joan: A toupee? I thought he was wearing a raccoon.


And how might Rivers' rate Lucy's fashion sense? "Very Midwest, very average housewife," she said. "Today, they would have had her in running pants and yoga pants and sneakers and stuff like that. She would not have been dressed to the nines, not in tight short dresses."


Had she lived, Lucy would turn 100 years old on Saturday. Rivers says it doesn't matter that Lucy's gone; her shows are timeless.


"Lucy was a master class in comedy," she said. "They're still funny. You put (her) in the category with Fanny Brice, W.C. Fields and Charlie Chaplin. When you're still laughing at someone 30 years later, that's funny."


That's Joan, telling it like it is.



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Yup, i always have and always will A D O R E Joan, a truly funny lady who's career is as bright today if not brighter than it was decades ago. I would have paid anything to meet her in Jamestown, i worship the ground this woman walks on, she is comedy genius and i love what she has to say about Lucy, always kind, which is not something she is famous for, LOL! I never miss her on TV and know she will last forever in show business and i hope she enjoys her current status as one of the best still working today.

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Some bore who wasn't even in the audience weighs in on Joan's performance. :lucyshock:



To the Readers' Forum:


I did not go to see Joan Rivers, but heard about her performance. I heard that she constantly used obscene words and was very vulgar. I can live with that if there are no children in attendance.


The comment that most disturbed me was the description of Ms. Rivers talking about Michael Jackson and his child abuse victims, saying something to the effect that she could see a parent telling a child to go ahead and be abused by Michael Jackson since some parent of a child abused by him received a $35,000,000 settlement.


It is never OK to joke about child abuse. It is never OK to abuse a child.


The I Love Lucy show has endured for decades. I have seen all of the episodes and her humor was not vulgar and she didn't constantly use 4-letter offensive words.


Before bringing other comics in the same cess pool with Ms. Rivers, I would suggest their material be screened.


Linda Costanzo




At the article, are several more interesting comments, especially from "onehandclapping" who speaks the truth. LOL



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Some bore who wasn't even in the audience weighs in on Joan's performance. :lucyshock:




At the article, are several more interesting comments, especially from "onehandclapping" who speaks the truth. LOL



Another HICK from Jamestown who didn't see the show but has to odffer her two centavos, so what, who cares? Joan is an institution who has evolved and gives the people what they want, shock value comedy for the times we live in. She can't come out and say michael jackson molested kids so she jokes about it, good for her, why should these things be hidden, it's the truth. She also makes fun of people who've gotten too much plastic surgery yet has had too much herself, so if she can attack herself, she can attack the other excesses in our troubled society.

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