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Second Honeymoon blooper

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While watching Second Honeymoon a few minutes ago, I caught a bit of a blooper out of the corner of my eye. When Lucy is sticking out of the porthole trying to call Ethel back with the key, there appears to be a lot of activity in the cabin beside the Ricardos – particularly a few crew members checking things out and a couple of actors waiting for their cues.


In the picture below, someone appears to have some sort of object out the porthole. One really can’t tell what it is but it doesn’t look like a face. It appears to be more of a rectangle shape with some sort of knob on it – perhaps a light meter?






Whatever it is, it is still there a few seconds later when the first couple goes by (“Good evening!”) but quickly disappears when they are about to pass the mysterious porthole.








Next up, one of the actors peeks out to see what’s going on!




Then the ship’s captain gets ready to make his entrance (as seen through the port hole) while the potentially nosy actor above passes Lucy:






And then comes out to where he is supposed to be:



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