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Your Favorite Number By Desi


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"Similau"- It has alot of atmoshere to it. My second choice is "Martha".

Actually, i could probably list a dozen or more, he was sensational as a singer/performer on the show. The man had charisma as an entertainer, he was like Chevalier or Armstrong, his performance sometimes overshadowing his singing skills. That recent criticism that i read about him not being that great a singer is bull, he was terrific as every part of him was giving a hundred percent. I know i've said a thousand times that i hated these musical numbers as a kid but now having watched them for a half century, they are ingrained in my skull and i actually look forward to the musical interludes on the show and one of the dvds i play the most is the Weird Al Yankovic compilation of his best musical moments playing alongside her best comedic ones.

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