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Who agrees that I Love Lucy was sometimes like a cartoon?

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I mean a lot of season 1 episodes had Lucy in such wacky situations that are like on the old Looney Toons/Tom & Jerry cartoons. lolz. Lucy dressing up like a hillbilly and going "hunting" in the bedroom singing "A hunting we will go" in that childlike voice, getting "hit by a bus" and falling out the window when the building was "on fire," Lucy getting sloshed drinking Vitameatavegamin, and Lucy and Ethel dressing up like country bumpkins in the first episode.


Other "cartoony" episodes were "Home Movies," "The Star Upstairs," "The Tour," "Ricky asks for a raise," and "The Fur Coat." I love how the burglar in "Fur Coat" says the joint is "screwy." Reminds me of a Looney Toons cartoon. lolz.

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Yes! I completely agree, I often associate watching I Love Lucy with cartoon like movies, you are very right in your analysis.



One more episode that I think is really cartoony is "The Audition." Not the whole episode, just the "Professor" bit when she acts like a seal and of course a clown.

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I think the reason so many of the Season One episodes have a cartoon-ish feeling to them is that Bob, Madelyn, and Jess were still tying to find their feet in writing for television. After honing their craft in radio for so long, it must have been a matter of trial by error not just developing these characters but seeing what worked on camera. They seemed to try it all from word play to extremely broad humour to including some of the audio "cues" necessary for radio -- including the stylized screams of fright sometimes used by Lucy Ricardo early on, even though it is perfectly clear to the viewer she had been startled.

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