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Autographed greetings from Lucy

Brian Mc

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I remember when Lucy presented that second one to Bob on a talk show one time.

Yeah...but funny how she wrote the "e's" over so that they look capitalized! Wonder what that was about??

Now compare the handwriting on these two: I'm thinking the first one's a fake: it doesn't look like the other one and doesn't look genuine to me. lucyhorror.JPG



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Maybe the first one is a secretaries signature? Interesting picture, too.


And the E's are odd in the second one. And is "Rapid Robert" an inside joke, then?

Yeah, every time i heard her say that RAPID ROBERT joke about Bob, i wondered if she meant his rapid fire monologue or his prowess in bed? I doubt it's the last one as she once said it with Dolores looking on.

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