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Bonnie Blue Butler Has Died


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Cammie King Conlon, known to millions as Bonnie Blue Butler in the

epic movie “Gone with the Wind,†died this morning at her home in Fort

Bragg. She was 76 years old.



Conlon's role at the age of 4 as the cherubic, short-lived daughter of

Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara was the acting debut to a short

career in film.



“I peaked in show business at age 5,†she frequently joked.



Conlon's film career also included providing the voice of the young

doe Faline in Bambi.



That career may have been short, but Conlon is among the cast members

enshrined in four museums dedicated to the still popular movie, which

has earned $1.5 billion.



Conlon earned $1,000 for her few scenes, which ended with a fatal fall

from a pony.



But the role continued to follow her through life. She regularly was

asked to attend retrospectives, reunions and award events for the

movie, which she gamely accepted.



Last year she published a book about the time: Bonnie Blue Butler — a

Gone with the Wind Memoir.



Conlon was modest about her role in the film's popularity.



â€I had nothing to do with it,†Conlon said last year in an interview

with the Press Democrat. “I was 5. They said ‘Stand here. Do this.'â€

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