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Richard Denning

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Has anything ever been said about how Denning felt at being kicked out when My Favourite Husband transferred to television. Don't think he ever worked with Lucille again did he.


Mark: Have not come across any adverse comments by Mr. Denning regarding Lucille wanting to co-star with Desi, on TV. ANYONE ELSE????? JK



Here is his birth date bio from the chronology, for you to see. He did act in a Desilu Productions' show; so, perhaps there were no bad feelings.



Richard Denning, co-star,William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director-written book for film, Persons in Hiding, 1939, and with Frawley, Ambush, 1939; Lucille Ball’s ‘husband’ co-star, in CBS' Radio, 30-minute, Situation Comedy, My Favorite Husband; 1948-51; later television starring role, Mr. & Mrs. North, 1952-54; guest, Desilu Productions', Cavalcade of America, “The Man Who Took A Chance”, 1952; as well as 12 years on Hawaii Five-O, between 1968-80; is born this date in 1914.



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It seemed like Denning didn't take it personally because he knew Lucy wanted Desi because it would help their marriage and he understood. He was supposed to star in the My Favorite Husband TV show (with Martha Stewart - NOT that one - as Liz), but when the series was actually done, Barry Nelson had the part.


It would have been nice to see Richard Denning as one of Lucy Carmichael's boyfriends. By about 1965, went into semi-retirement and moved to Hawaii, where he would later do Hawaii Five-O.

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I stumbled across this rather silly article at work this morning...


FROM: Big Star Album, Winter Edition, 1943, No. 1


"When Richard Denning was a little boy, his Ma thought that the more a kid ate, the healthier it made him, and Dick emerged from high school a healthy 230 pounds! But he was haunted by people jeering, “Yah, Fatty--” even in his sleep. So he got him a job digging cesspools and dieted on apples enough to stock an orchard, and baby, look at him now... After college, he took his beauteous new build into Pa’s factory, though he yearned for a stage career. And one day, darned if he didn’t try out on a radio program called “I Want To Be An Actor.” And darned if he didn’t beat out 500 others to win a screen test! All of which meant nothing. Poor Richard played in 47 pix (one was called “Those Were The Days At Good Old Siwash”) before anyone ever noticed him. He made 76 tests as “The-boy-that wonderful-girl-was-tested-with.” He did anything, and never got in the way or started squawking... Then fate came along in the shape, and what a shape, of Dottie Lamour--Dick appeared with her in “Beyond the Blue Horizon,” and suddenly Lamour’s wasn’t the only sarong to rate a second glance. Yep, Dick was in, but solid... He payed off the mortgage on his folks’ house, and sent his kid brother to college and bought a dozen suits... But now? Well, like that song, “He traded his zoot suits for a u-nee-form.”---He’s a Yoeman in the Navy, so new wife, Evelyn Ankers will have to carry the acting honors from the family. Dick’s pretty busy, these days..."

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