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The Great Houdini


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SPOILER ALERT do not read this post unless you've seen the movie . . . I remember watching this average TV movie when it first aired. Houdini got punched here in Montreal while touring McGill University and died within days, he wasn't ready for the punch and it did serious damage to his internal organs. The ending was sad, he and his wife had a message they had relayed to each other after his death, only she knew the message and he had lost faith in psychics when they could not let him reach his mother after her death and apparently the same thing happened to Houdini's wife, no message ever got through, but according to Viv at the end, she says she thinks it did.

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It is nice to see this film again with new appreciation than when I saw it premiered on television eons of years ago. Vivian Vance was better in this film than I remembered it. It was nice to see a cast of familiar faces like Nina Foch.

Yeah, i flinched at the name Nina Foch also, wonder if she's still around.

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