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Lucie's Unique Lives & Experiences Seminar


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Lucie will appear in Toronto as part of the Unique Lives & Experiences Series at Roy Thomson Hall on June 4! Other speakers in the Toronto series include Jamie Lee Curtis, Michaelle Jean, Whoopi Goldberg, Andrea Martin, and Connie Chung. From the website:


Award-winning actress, Broadway entertainer and producer, Lucie Arnaz, daughter of Lucille Ball, will lovingly remember her mother on this special occasion. The celebration will be a tribute of personal stories and rarely seen home movies. Lucie will share special moments in her own career which started at age 15 when she became a regular on The Here's Lucy Show. Years later, she starred in her own series, The Lucie Arnaz Show. If you Love Lucy....you'll love this heartfelt tribute.




It says she's also going to be in Denver for a similar event but I think it is a mistake. Unless she has replicated herself for the occasion, of course.

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Sounds awesome. One question though, why does Lucie always say she was 15 when Here's Lucy started? She was 17. Is she trying to fudge her age? LOL

I wouldn't worry about that if i had her youthful looks. These UNIQUE LIVES shows play here in Montreal too, so i guess for once, there's hope of me meeting or at least seeing Lucille Ball's daughter!

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I read this morning that Lucie met young organ donation crusader Helene Campbell in her dressing room before the show last night. What a groovy thing to do! Helene recently received a double lung transplant and has been seen on Ellen Degeneres, etc., bringing her message to save lives by signing up as a donor.

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