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Harold Gould Has Died


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Character actor Harold Gould dies at 86

September 13, 2010 | 12:40 pm



Harold Gould, a veteran character actor who played con man Kid Twist in

"The Sting" and Valerie Harper's father on TV's "Rhoda" and Betty White's

boyfriend on "The Golden Girls," has died. He was 86.



Gould died of prostate cancer Saturday at the Motion Picture &

Television Fund retirement community in Woodland Hills, said Jaime

Larkin, a spokeswoman for the fund.



A full obituary will follow at www.latimes.com/obits

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This is so sad. I loved him in absolutely everything I have seen him in. A joy to watch.


I can't help but picture him floating to Heaven trying to drab a bird, as Miles did as he was plummeting to the earth. :lol:


Thanks for all the laughs and great performances. R.I.P. Samuel Plankmaker.

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Here's Harold as the original Howard Cunningham:



One of my first jobs when I got to L.A. was at Disney answering the phones for the Oscar screenings the studios held every year - I never knew who was gonna be on the other end - they'd just say "I'd like to attend the 7:30 screening of blah-blah-blah" - but sometimes I would get a live one. Ricardo Montalban's wife yelled at me because FedEx was throwing film cans over the wall at their house - they were still getting FILMS instead of VHS screeners... One time this nasal voiced woman called in and when I asked for the name she said "Treva Silverman" and I said "you mean Rhoda?!" - meaning she basically wrote most of the early Rhoda character on Mary Tyler Moore - and she said "that would be me" - and then another time the voice said "Harold Gould" and I said "you mean Rhoda's dad?!" He couldn't have been nicer - just the sweetest man. We talked for at least 5 minutes. I was always one step away from getting fired cause I wouldn't let them off the phone... most times they were just delighted someone cared. Thank you, Harold Gould...

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