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Let's Talk to Lucy with Bing Crosby

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I just discovered two episodes of Let's Talk to Lucy with guest Bing Crosby. The first is from September 9, 1964 - the first week of the show. The second is a Christmas episode from December 14, 1964. Lucy seems to be having a great time talking to Bing.


Bing Crosby Audio Vault



WoW! Thanks, Harry: wishing I had access to the entire episode list; dates, cast, etc.: can you supply? Or, give me a site to research? Thanks, fondly, JK

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Nice find, thanks for sharing! Hope the Vivian Vance one surfaces someday. MPI missed the boat to include it on one of the HL volumes where Viv guest starred, sadly.

I was just going to comment saying this. Hopefully it will pop up soon. Fans would love to hear that one tons.

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It is so much fun to hear Lucy interviews I haven't heard before :D . Thanks for posting this, Harry C! I also liked the second Christmas song Bing sang-- never heard that one before either. They didn't mention the name; think I'll look that one up.


There's a Viv interview on Lucy's show too? :HALKING: You all know I would love to hear that one! :marionstrong: . Wouldn't it be great if it was a bonus feature on a Season 6 DVD release?

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