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Donna Summer dead at 63

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It's so weird how yesterday I was thinking about her song called "Love to love ya baby." Just like on the day Michael Jackson died, I was trying to moonwalk. My personal favorite song by her is "Last Dance."


Wow . . . first Whitney Houston and then the queen of Disco!

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She is one of my alltime favorite singers, always loved her, what a talent. I only saw her acting appearance on FAMILY MATTERS from the 1990's this last year and was amazed how good a comedienne she was and totally unafraid to jump into a quirky character. RIP Donna.

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Another sad marker of time marching on; one more icon leaving us too soon... lucyblah.JPG

Such pipes, amazing voice, range, power...such a waste. My heart goes out to her family.


She'll remain a fond part of my "maturation" days in the late 70s/early 80s as I struggled to find my way, learning to understand what being "out and proud" was all about: talk about the soundtrack of a generation! Songs I still love hearing today: Hot Stuff, Bad Girls, Last Dance, Enough is Enough -- going toe-to-toe yet with Babs Streisand -- and keeping up with her! She Works Hard for the Money, Dim All the Lights, This Time I Know it's for Real, and on and on.....


Such a huge loss. So sad. sad.gif

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