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The Sunday Lucy Show / Lucy in Connecticut / Top 10 Lucy Shows

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I was going to post this in the "Last Items You Bought" thread, but thought The Sunday Lucy Show, the Top 10 Lucy Show, and Lucy in Connecticut could use their own thread.


Anyway, after months of eyeing this on eBay I decided to bite the bullet and buy this Lucy item simply because it is the only promotional item I have ever seen actually associated with the "The Sunday Lucy Show" repackaged series:




Has anyone seen anything else promoting the three "series", or sponsors products mentioning them by name?

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Interesting to note from this that "Lucy & Tennessee Ernie Ford" was voted the best ILL episode of all-time (by TV editors) in 1958! How times have changed.


Promo art for "The Top 10 Lucy Show":








True, tastes and times have changed but this WAS one of the funniest eps ever, a hillbilly BEFORE the advent of the Beverly Hills ones. IT`S IN THE HOUSE, and with the bed they gimme, tweren`t easy etc . . .

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Yes, love those telegrams AND artwork! :D


Well, no accounting for taste -- maybe those editors were all drunks! :lucyhaha:


Addendum: Do we know anything about this "Patch" caricaturist as signed in the WUNDAFUL drawings?? Would love to know more! They seem kinda Hirshfield in style but obviously aren't by him but perhaps "inspired by"? Anyone?

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This is TOO hilarious--even without the radioactive face angle. If I am understanding what she's saying Dorothy Gray works 2 1/2 times better than "improper cleansing" which means the latter leaves 60% of the dirt on your face!

And, of course, no thread would be complete without a crowbar the now infamous sponsor commercial that aired during The Sunday Lucy Show:


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#1,2 and 3 are Ernie Ford, Bob Hope and Person to Person?

what episodes round out the top ten?

To be fair, some of the best episodes may have shown only once.


There were actually 13 episodes in the top ten. Here they are. The Golf Game was number 13.


1 7/7/58 96 The Golf Game

2 7/14/58 128 Lucy Visits Grauman's

3 7/21/58 74 Redecorating the Mertzes Apartment

4 7/28/58 171 Lucy Raises Chickens

5 8/4/58 162 The Ricardos Visit Cuba

6 8/11/58 6 The Audition Show

7 8/18/58 150 Lucy's Italian Movie

8 8/25/58 158 Visitor From Italy

9 9/1/58 30 Lucy Does a TV Commercial

10 9/8/58 56 Lucy Goes to the Hospital

11 9/15/58 134 The Ricardos Are Interviewed**

12 9/22/58 154 Lucy and Bob Hope

13 9/29/58 94 Tennessee Ernie Visits




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Personally, I think it is refreshing to have a top 10/13 list where Job Switching does not appear. lol

Guess you're right, BUT, the other two main ones always mentioned ARE there, Stomping grapes and Vitameatawhatzitz. Oh wait, MY fave, the Bill Holden Brown Derby one is not there either.

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A la Lucy Barker: And you call yourself a fan??! :lucyhorror:

No, but he has a point, it's usually always the same ones mentioned, even Lucy said that herself. But Visitor from Italy, man, one has to sit through that boring show just to see Lucy twirling pizza dough at the end, that was a longgggggggggggggg wait.

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