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Louise Troy (Yours, Mine & Ours)

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For someone who Van Johnson's Darrel described as "definitely NOT a talker", Louise Troy sure left a lasting impression in Yours, Mine & Ours. Thinking about it today, I really couldn't think of anyone in such a relatively small role in a Lucy film that completely stole the show. Not only was she hysterical in the Japanese restaurant scene, but on the drive home I always find myself watching her rather than Lucy and Henry. She had a small role and wrang absolutely everything she could out of it and she deserves some kudos not just for her facial expressions, but her great delivery:


"You're not worshipping me."


Helen: And then they stay outside all night kissing!

Madeleine: HEAVENS to Betsy! What will they think of next?! :rolleyes:


"And then the Mama Bear said to the Papa Bear, 'Who's been sleeping in my bed!' :rolleyes: "


Madeleine: How many do you have?

Frank: 10.

Madeleine: *gasp!*


"10 kids, I'm nervous just sitting next to you!"


"...then you can work yourselves into a WILD game of post office![/b]


Frank: At the end of the day I'm glad I have 10 children.

Helen: And I'm glad I have my eight.

Madeleine: And I'm glad I'm careful!

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People (at that time and probably today) would put drops.of acid (LSD) on.sugar cubes and then would eat the sugar cube to experience the acid "TRIP". So it cracked me up when Madeline said to Frank while.sitting in the middle of the car "Did you put something in my.sugar? I have the strangest feeling Im taking a trip"

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