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Hal Kanter, b. 12/18/18 d. 11/06/11



Hal Kanter, writer, producer, director, writer, The Ed Wynn Show, with guests, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, 12/24/49; producer, TV special, Desi Arnaz film, Joys, 1976; writer, TV special documentary, AFT Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Henry Fonda, at which Lucille appears, 1978; producer, TV movie, Lucy Moves to NBC, 1980; writer, The 53rd Annual Academy Awards, Lucie Arnaz, performer, 1981; appears, as himself, with Lucie Arnaz and Lucille, archivally, Bob Hope: The First 90 Years, 1993; guest, Lucy! TV's Comedy Queen, Lucille and Desi, achivally, 2003; as well as with Lucille, archivally, Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America, “Slip on a Banana Peel: The Knockabouts”, 2009; is born this date in 1918.

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Omar Kiam b. 07/19/94 d. 03/21/54



Omar Kiam, the foremost costume designer at United Artists, for Goldwyn, 1934-1938. A specialist in period costume. Occasionally on loan to independent producers and to 20th Century Fox; costume design for Lucille Ball film, Kid Millions, 1934; Lucille modeled for Kiam, as well as costume design, William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz) film, Strike Me Pink, 1936; is born this date in 1894.

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Gertrude Foote Kratzert no bio available at this time


One of Lucille Ball's best Jamestown area childhood, young adulthood friends; went to New York City with Lucille in the 1930's; but, returned to her hometown to marry and raise a family.



Kris Krinkled (Viv's new name for Lucy's Santa Clause ornament that she accidentally stepped on)

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