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TLS season 6 episode help

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I remember seeing a quote on the old "Sock it to me" game, and it was a quote between Lucy and Mooney. Something along the lines of


:gale1: "I expect you to come into the office early tomorrow."

:lucy2: "Wait a minute, tomorrow's Sunday!"

:gale1: "Bravo, you know your days of the week!"


Which episode is it? And the one with Lucy wearing the bunny ears? And the "Steak and potatoes man" episode? I know these are in the later half of the season because I have never seen any of those.

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I'm drawing a blank on the quote, although I can hear it in my head, but...


Bunny Ears -- Lucy Gets Mooney Fired

Steak and Potatoes Man -- Lucy's Mystery Guest



Yeah what is with that crazy painting in the background of "Bunny ears?" I can't wait until October 9th to see this episode. I only know these bits from the bloopers. Are you sure you don't know what the "sunday" quote is from?

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