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Let's Talk to Lucy with BARBRA STREISAND (Excerpt)

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She was. That's why this episode is infamous. Wasn't she in the middle of cooking something in the middle of this interview? Peach compote comes to mind, but I don't have my reference books at work. LOL

Yes it was, and the stirring was affecting the soundtrack so Lucy told her to move closer to the microphone so the diva moves closer all right, but WITH the stirring, brilliant little beeatch huh? :lol:

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No, I don't. I know this short clip was used on some kind of Barbra Streisand retrospective complilation in the '90s. I think this was the only time any of the Let's Talk to Lucy shows were heard since the original airing until they started being used as extras on the DVD sets.

OIC, was just curious as to how it came out. Thanks for that BIT of it, Lucy wouldn't even let her talk at the beginning, kept interrupting, i'm surprised she didn't say something rude to Lucy about that, LOL! You can tell they were both in awe of each other. All those interviews should come out on one cd or dvd with pictures galore to accompany the dialogue.

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8 hours ago, HarryCarter said:

Part two of Barbra's three part conversation with Lucy: https://www.barbra-archives.info/lets-talk-to-lucy-1964-interview

I think Lucy's pretty perplexed by Barbara. I have heard Lucy rave about her Funny Girl performance. I can imagine Lucy's probably thinking with the way Barbara answers, " what's with this crazy dame?"

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