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Lucy Chain Game

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Hiya everyone! ;) I will start by posting two Lucy shows/movies that are related in some way. The next poster will post one Lucy show/movie that relates in some way to my second Lucy show/movie. And the third poster will post one Lucy show/movie that relates to the second poster's pick and so on. Any episode from any Lucy show and any Lucy movie are allowed. Feel free to be creative in your relation to the previous post. Good luck!




The Lost I Love Lucy Pilot

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Game note: Made a slight rule change to make the game less complicated. You can use the same Lucy episode/movie as a previous poster.



Interesting game!


The Audition => Lucy's Schedule


Both episodes feature a seal impression from Lucy.



Lucy's Schedule => Ricky Asks For A Raise


The only two episodes of ILL that feature Gale Gordon as Mr. Littlefield.

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