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W. Argyle Nelson b. 08/21/01 d. 08/13/70



W. Argyle Nelson, Lucille Ball and William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz) early film-career, second assistant director, uncredited, Roberta, 1935; assistant director, uncredited, Follow The Fleet, 1936; assistant director, uncredited, Five Came Back, 1939; long-time associate of the Arnazes; Desilu Productions', Willy, production manager, 16 episodes, 1954-55; Our Miss Brooks, production manager, 46 episodes, 1954-56; Cavalcade of America, production supervisor, 2 episodes, 1956; production manager (“I Love Lucy”), 135 episodes, 1952-57; Desilu Productions', Sheriff of Cochise, production supervisor, 6 episodes, 1956-57; production manager, The Fountain of Youth, 1958; The Adventures of Jim Bowie, production supervisor, 69 episodes 1956-58; post-production supervisor, 2 episodes, 1957-58; production manager, 2 episodes, 1956, unit manager, 2 episodes, 1958, The Californians, production manager, 1 episode, 1958; Yancy Derringer, production supervisor, 1 episode, 1959; The Scarface Mob, production supervisor, 1959; The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, production manager, 36 episodes, 1955-59; Whirlybirds, production supervisor, 28 episodes 1957-59; production manager, 1 episode, 1957, The Texan, production supervisor, 31 episodes 1958-1960; Desilu Studios'-filmed, The Real McCoys, production manager, 77 episodes, 1957; The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, production supervisor, 8 episodes, 1958-1960; production manager, 5 episodes 1957-58; Desilu Studios'-filmed, Make Room For Daddy, production manager, 11 episodes, 1953-58; production supervisor, 4 episodes, 1959-1960; The Barbara Stanwyck Show, production supervisor, 1 episode, 1961; Desilu Productions', The Untouchables, production supervisor, 60 episodes, 1959-1961; The Ann Sothern Show, production supervisor, 93 episodes, 1958-1961; Desilu Studios'-filmed, The Jack Benny Show, production supervisor, 15 episodes, 1954-1962; The Dick Van Dyke Show, production supervisor, 24 episodes, 1961-62; Desilu Productions', Vacation Playhouse, production supervisor, 1 episode, 1963; Desilu Studios'-filmed, The Andy Griffith Show, production supervisor, 61 episodes, 1960-62; is born this date in 1901.

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NBC, Lucy Moves to... (1980): A Lucille Ball Special, available on MPI Home Video.



After three decades of starring in a quartet of top-rated comedy series hits (I Love Lucy, The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show and Here’s Lucy) on CBS-TV, Emmy awarded comedienne Lucille Ball comes out of retirement and teams with NBC. She’s greeted by the network’s biggest stars such as her old friend Bob Hope, The Tonight Show host Johnny Carson, Quincy star Jack Klugman and Diff’rent Strokes actor Gary Coleman, who portrays the network president. Film great Gene Kelly and Lucy’s longtime TV boss Gale Gordon round out the cast.

Dancing legend Donald O’Connor and actress Gloria DeHaven are seen in the special’s final segment, a separate musical-comedy presentation intended as a TV series pilot. Fans will also enjoy appearances by longtime Lucy friends and colleagues Robert Alda, Ruta Lee and Doris Singleton.


Bonus Features

• Introduction by Jack Klugman & Ruta Lee

• Lucy Moves To NBC: A Remembrance

• Never-Before-Seen Outtakes & Bloopers

• Bungle Abbey - TV pilot starring Gale Gordon & directed by Lucille Ball with introduction by Gino Conforti

• Let’s Talk To Lucy - lost radio interview with Bob Hope

• Lucy on The Bob Hope Special


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Gene Nelson b. 03/24/20 d. 09/16/96



Gene Nelson, writer, director, 53 titles; producer, choreographer, Golden Globe-winning actor, 65 films; William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz) co-star, I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now, 1947; appears with Lucille Ball, That's Dancing, 1985; Actor/Choreographer and Choreography, Desilu Productions', Shower of Stars “Lend an Ear”, 1954, “Ethel Merman's Show Stoppers”, “All-Star Line-Up”, and “Show Stoppers”, 1955; as well as director, Star Trek “The Gamesters of Triskelion”, 1968, is born this date in 1920.

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Bernard Newman b. 11/18/03 d. 11/30/66



Bernard Newman, costume design, 25 films; costume and wardrobe, 11 films; head of fashion at RKO, including costumes for Lucille Ball; who he hired for Roberta; was frequently an escort during her early days at RKO; brother-in-law of Ruby and Gertrude Keeler; attended the Art Student's League, Paris; spent 12 years at Bergdorf-Goodman, NY, as window dresser; worked his way up to chief designer; in Hollywood at RKO (1934-36), designing gowns for several musicals, including 36 films; returned to Bergdorf-Goodman; and continued occasional film work (Columbia, 1938; Warner Brothers, 1946-47); posthumous inductee into the Costume Designers' Hall of Fame, 2004. is born this date in 1903.

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Nelson, Frank: Stalwart character actor, perhaps best known from recurring appearances with Jack Benny.


For Lucy fans, appeared several times over the years in different roles, most notably as radio show host Freddie Fillmore, a train conductor ("The Great Train Robbery", ILL and "Lucy Goes to the White House", TLS) and in the last ILL "Connecticut" episodes, as neighbor Ralph Ramsey.


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On the occasion of HER birthday:


Natalie Schafer b. 11/5/00 d. 4/10/91



Natalie Schafer, actress, 94 films; of Gilligan's Island fame, 99 episodes, as Mrs. Lovey Howell, 1964-67; wife of actor/comedian, Jim Backus (voice of Mr. Magoo); guest, (“I Love Lucy”) “The Charm School”, 1954, and Arnazes Forever Darling co-star, as Millie Opdyke, 1956; as well as guest, Desilu Productions', Guestward Ho! “Bab's Mother”, as Mrs. Crawford, 1960, is born this date in 1900.

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A Jamestown NY visitor/guest:


Bob Newhart b. 9/5/29 alive



Bob Newhart , comedian, Golden Globe-winning actor, 44 films; of The Bob Newhart Show fame, 142 episodes, 1972-78; Newhart fame, 184 episodes, 1982-90; Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’ friend, guest, Desilu Productions’ , Here’s Hollywood, 1961; guest, Desilu Studios'-filmed, Fractured Flickers, 1964; with Lucille, Salute to Stan Laurel, 1965; with Desi Arnaz, IV, The Dean Martin Show, 1968; with Lucille and Lucie Arnaz, Night of 100 Stars II, 1985; Headliner, Lucy-Desi Memorial Day Festival in Jamestown, NY, 1996, Jamestown NY; with Lucille, archivally, CBS: The First 50 Years, 1998; with Lucie, CBS at 75, 2003; as well as with Lucille, each archivally, TV's 50 Funniest Phrases, 2009, is born this date in 1929.

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On the occasion of HIS birthday:


Louis Nicoletti b. 11/07/06 d. 10/16/69



Louis Nicoletti, actor, 23 films; Desi Arnaz' long-time friend; former Xavier Cugat secretary, leaves Cugat employ to join Arnaz' Band, as manager, 1937; Arnazes co-star, film, Long, Long Trailer, as 2nd inspector, uncredited, 1953; guest, (“I Love Lucy”), 113 episodes, as waiter, boom man, burglar #2, 1953-57; Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse: The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour: “Lucy Takes A Cruise to Havana”, as waiter, 1957; “Lucy Hunts Uranium”, as prospector #2, 1958; guest, Desilu Productions', U.S. Marshal “Shoot to Kill”, as Deputy Stone, 1958; Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse: The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour,“Lucy Wants a Career”, as cameraman, 1959; “Lucy Meets the Moustache”, as hotel clerk, 1960; Desilu Productions', Guestward Ho! “The Hootens Build A Barbecue”, as workman, 1961; The Untouchables “Man in the Middle”, floorman, 1962; with William Frawley (Lucy's Fred Mertz), Desilu Studios'-filmed, My Three Sons ”Robbie the Caddy”, as caddy master, 1962; Lucille Ball Assistant Director, 30 episodes, The Lucy Show, 1963-65, guest “No More Double Dates”, as waiter, “Lucy Visits the White House”, as customer, “Lucy and the Safe Cracker”, 1963; “Lucy Goes to Vegas”, as dealer, 1965; Director or Assistant Director, 23 episodes; Lucy in Connecticut; The Sunday Lucy Show; The Top Ten Lucy Show; Assistant Director, The Carol Channing Show, 1966; and Assistant Director, uncredited, Lucille Ball film, Yours, Mine, Ours, 1968; as well as Assistant Director, (“Here's Lucy”), 7 episodes, 1968-9; is born this date in 1906.

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