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I would love it but I dont think it'd go through. :( To be quite honest, I think the fan enthusiasm is there, but the cooperation may be little...

By that I mean, some private collections and some archives may feel that the public aren't really privileged enough to see the "very rare" or "never before seen"

images of Lucy unless on television or something. That is also with good reason, now days, a picture can be copied from a book, enhanced and sprouting like wildfire on ebay 1 day after publication. That's a problem. Some may feel some close attachment to the pictures, and they think sharing it would break some important "sacredness" between the moment the picture represented and the person...i guess lol

But on the flip side it, as I say in my description of the book lol- It brings color to probably the most recognizable black and white face on the planet.

And I think the world would appreciate, respect, and love the book- I think we saw some of that with the McClay "I Love lucy book" fans swooned over getting some kind of idea of how Lucy looked in color, for that time we had the opportunity to say "hey, i know what that dress looks like in color" (kind of , what with that weird color correction in tint with those colors) but nevertheless, people appreciated that-

I think it'd be great to FINALLY be floored and amazed by the very glamorous and interesting pictures of Lucy in the 40s. Including with funny stories and photos to accompany them.

Maybe having an ILL in color chapter. OF COURSE

Then behind the scenes and color shots from the 60's-70's.

Rare glamour 80's pics of Lucy and bam, you've got a collectors item!..no the collectors item can be leather bound


Another book I was thinking on, was called "The Black Stuff : A collection of The "Lucy" Scripts

Taking about 5-10 scripts from her most well known shows and putting them in a book with pictures and rehearsal pictures and color pics too :)


This would be a great commemorative item what with the Lucy anniversaries coming up....

Any body wanna help me? I also remember a friend of mine from the other lounge telling me she'd like to put little known facts within the book, which would be a cute feature!


book Cover coming for "The Black Stuff" soon :)

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