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Lucy's post-Stone Pillow message


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I have three elderly 'best' friends, the closest in age to me, +16 years; the other two +20 and +25. One of the three said to me: 'Joyce: I just hate it, looking so old' - my comment: don't look in the mirror any more until you get a smaller bulb; or just wait to look in the mirror when you are fresh out of the shower....' that always got a few laughs and when people care about you, they don't care how old you are; or how 'old' you look; they are just happy to have you in their lives.

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ahh, don't be mad! I dimmed my bulb years ago! :lucyhaha:

We're joking but i did all that DECADES ago, i find everything looks better in a dimly lit house or apartment, you don't see the flaws so much that way. Even us. Thing is, do not look at yourself in a mirror in the bathroom if the lighting is too strong, and never with your glasses on, it's traumatic!
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