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Lucy, Desi, Betty and Dick on Password Plus


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Bringing this thread back up as there is continued debate on Facebook on the taping date of this week in 86'. I know Jimmy said this was a few weeks before Desi died but something Burt says in the opening puzzles me.


At the 1:38 mark after he intrudes Lucy under the clapping you can hear him say " on such a sad day". So what is that all about?



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On 7/15/2016 at 9:54 PM, HarryCarter said:

According to Tom Watson, who was present at the taping, the episodes were taped on Sunday, November 23. Maybe Bert was referencing the recent Life with Lucy cancellation? I don't see any tragic event that occurred on that day in the world.

In one of the articles that reported Desi’s death, Lucy was quoted as saying that she was just down in Del Mar visiting him “last week.” That would put her last visit right around the time of the Password taping. So one theory I’ll offer is that she visited him the day before (that Saturday), knew that it was gonna be the last time she saw him, and was extra emotional coming into the taping.  (Her friend who rode with her to pay him a visit said Lucy immediately broke down after leaving his house, so we know she understood what that visit meant.) 

From Betty’s story, clearly Lucy was upset at points during the morning which I’m sure raised questions.  Perhaps she shared the news with the host and her co-contestants before they went on air, and that’s where the “sad day” remark came from.

This is the first time I’ve heard that Betty’s timeline was off, but it totally makes sense to me. More than one person said Lucy was inconsolable after hearing about Desi’s death, and that never seemed to jibe with her ability to go and play Password that same morning.

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Just to continue the conversation on the mystery surrounding Password and the host's "sad day" remark, Elisabeth Edwards' "quote" of Lucy from the "Lucy & Desi Scrapbook" (presumably not an authentic quote but one that was written for her for purposes of the book) claims that Lucy found out about Desi's death on the way home from the taping:

"On December 2nd, 1986 I was in the car coming home from taping an episode of Password when I heard Desi died. I could not stop crying. I felt lost, and like my own life had come to some kind of end."

This still doesn't jibe with Tom Watson's timeline -- that the taping actually happened on November 23. But it would shed greater light on the "sad day" remark, if at that point Desi was in a coma and Lucy knew he could pass at any minute. And it would explain how Lucy was still able to tape the show the morning he died, since friends have been quoted as saying that she was inconsolable after hearing the news. 


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I tend to believe Tom's timeline. The fan club would go to these Password and other game show taping as an outing. I think if it occurred that day it would be a memory of many fans who came to see her that day.

Also those Passwords were full day tapings. They did all 5 in one day, so Lucy was there for most of the day. I can see how Betty thought it may have been the same day looking back as I'm sure her and Lucy had some conversations about him between each show and it was known he was going to pass. 

I don't put any stock in those scrapbook comments being very fact filled. I just look at them as a bit of a dramatization to convey what was going on at that time. 

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