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States Lucy Lived in,Traveled Through, or Vacationed In

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I figured out, Lucy either lived in, traveled through, or vacationed in all of these states through the years on her shows:


Alaska (TLDCH)

Arizona (HL) - On Location

California (ILL, TLS, HL, LWL)

Colorado (HL) - On Location at the Air Force Academy

Connecticut (ILL)

Florida (ILL) - Vacation

Georgia (ILL) - Lucy & Ethel would have had to go through GA, to get to FL, after being stranded by Mrs. Grundy.

Hawaii (HL) - Lucy, Viv, Harry, Kim and Craig go on a Hawaiian Cruise.

Idaho (TLDCH) - Lucy Goes To Sun Valley

Illinois (ILL) - Fred makes mention of driving through, on trip to CA

Indiana (LCTP) - Lucy Whitaker lived in Indiana

Montana (HL) - Lucy Carter was a sheriff for a day in a Montana town

Nevada (TLS) - Lucy & Viv went to Vegas

New Mexico (ILL) - Stop in Ethel's Hometown on way to CA

New York (ILL, TLS) - Lucy Ricardo and Lucy Carmichael both lived in NY state.

North Carolina (ILL) - Lucy, Ethel and Mrs. Grundy travel through on way to FL.

Ohio (ILL) - Outside Cincinnati, first stop on way to CA

South Carolina (ILL) - Where Mrs. Grundy strands L&E on way to FL

Tennessee (ILL) - The Gang gets thrown in jail in Bent Fork, TN

Texas (ILL) - The Ricardos & Mertzes are in a motel in Texas before heading to NM

Utah (HL) - On Location

Vermont (TLDCH) - Lucy's Summer Vacation

Virginia/Wash DC (TLS) - Lucy & Viv take the Cub Scout Troup to White House

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Great list!


Lucy walks to East Orange, New Jersey in "The Marriage License" (how she made it through the Holland Tunnel she'll never know).


The gang drives through Pennsylvania in "First Stop."


Lucy Ricardo once spent two weeks in Oklahoma - the state, not the musical.


Lucy Carter also went to Texas in "Guess Who Owes Lucy $23.50."

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Virginia -- Lucy and Viv drop in on Arthur Godrey at his ranch


An Appendix on the Places the Mertzes Have Been:


1. Minnesota -- they took "a lovely little trip" there for Ethel to have her gall stones taken out at Mayo Brothers

2. New York -- they lived there, but Fred also played Jamestown's Palace

3. Illinois -- Fred and Ethel once played a split week in Peoria

4. Indiana -- Fred left his autograph book there

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Unless the U.S. has annexed Australia when my back was turned, Oz doesn't really fit in with the list. :lucythrill: A list, which is great!


What a great single or double episode it would have made if they travelled to Australia! (with fake backgrounds of course) LOL!

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