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Sol Saks, b. 12/13/10; writer/producer; Writer, My Favorite Husband, TV Series, 1 episode, 1953; as well as writer, Desilu Productions', Vacation Playhouse, 1 episode, 1967; dies this date (4/16) in 2011.

As a huge fan of it as well, I have to mention Saks was also credited with creating the long-running Bewitched (ABC, 1964-72). :)
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Marvin Stuart, b. 5/6 - d. 6/22/68 - Assistant Director, uncredited, Lucille Ball film, DuBarry Was a Lady, 1943; Assistant Director, Lucille/Desi film, Forever Darling, 1956; Desilu Productions', December Bride, Assistant Director, 7 episodes, 1955-57; Sheriff of Cochise “Husband and Wife”, Assistant Director, 1957; Whirlybirds, Assistant Director, 18 episodes, 1957-59; The Fountain of Youth, Assistant Director, 1958; Desilu Studios'-filmed, The Adventures of Jim Bowie “The Puma”, 1958; Desilu Productions', The Untouchables “The St. Louis Story”, and “The Big Squeeze”, Assistant Director, 1960, Production Manager, 77 episodes, 1960-63; Desilu Studios'-filmed, The Barbara Stanwyck Show “Little Big Mouth”, Production Manager, 1961; Desilu Productions', Land's End, Production Manager, 8 episodes, 1961; as well as Production Manager, Desi Arnaz' Productions', The Mothers In Law “On Again, Off Again, Lohengrin”, 1967; Assistant Director, “My Son, The Actor”, “A Night to Forget”, and “All Fall Down”, 1967, is born this date in 1901.

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