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Lucy in Marineland behind the scenes

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Poor Lucy . . .

She said the water was freezing, but it had to be really hot out, since it was Los Angeles in June, and it had to be close to what, 90 or above? I personally would find it refreshing after working in that hot weather for 2 days. And those tears at the end were probably legit after being in that water for close to an hour. And at one point she was crying to the director. I think she was nervous being around those porpoises. How did she ever agree to some scripts?


I LOVE her line to Steve Lawrence

"they're probably thinking 'dig this crazy mermaid! How did she get in the act?'"


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"Marineland" was a major disappointment because of the aniticipation. It was the first show of the season, the first broadcast in color (not that we had a color set) and was featured on the cover of TV Guide the previous week complete with a pictorial. The fact that none of it was done before an audience, including the Harvey Korman scene threw it 'off' to begin with. I don't know what the original script looked like, but the Marineland scene is so poorly constructed, it looks like they just improvised what they could on site and pieced it together in post. (though not as bad as the Thames scene in LIL). What a trial by fire for first time director Maury Thompson!

In retrospect, the opening scene with Harvey is pretty funny. As a tot, I didn't know Vivian Vance would be gone and that was a bit of a shock because she's dismissed with a few lines....WHO is this Vern Bunson, I hadta ask? Well at the VERY least they threw in SOME explanation. Unlike Craig Carter. When was the first mention that Craig was away at college, if there was ever one? I half-way expected Viv to show up in the Marineland scene.


And speaking of missed opportunities, this is as good a place as any to offer my submission for an Easter episode of "Here' Lucy".

"Lucy is Risen from the Dead" or "Lucy is an Easter Bunny for a Day":

It's the annual Easter pageant time and Lucy's Canary Club is debating which script to go with: the serious religious depiction of Christ's ascension to the heavens; or the more colorful Easter Bunny theme. Wires get crossed and Lucy shows up in a giant rabbit costume and when Mary Jane and Vanda moved the big boulder to Jesus's tomb, out she hops!


(with apologies if my sacrilege offends anyone....)

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I think the first mention that Craig was away at college was Lucy's Bonus Bounces, which was more than halfway through the season.


I liked Lucy at Marineland more after I saw it unedited on DVD. The syndicated version cuts a lot from the opening scene with Harvey Korman. The scene is actually funny and explains the format change.

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