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Tommy Thompson, d. 3/3/00; producer, 11 titles; director, many years' with Desilu and Lucille Ball; Desilu Studios'-Desilu Productions', Sheriff of Cochise, assistant director, 2 episodes, 1957; director, Desilu Studios'-filmed, Man With A Camera: “Two Strings of Pearls”, 1958; assistant director, Desilu Productions', The Texan; Whirlybirds, 1959; assistant director, Lucille-produced, Mr. and Mrs., 1964; as well as The Lucy Show: director, 5 episodes, 1962-65, associate producer, 1 episode, 1965, and producer, 72 episodes, 1965-68, is born this date 12/5, in 1927.

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Tony Terran, trumpet player/band member, (“I Love Lucy”) “The Girls Want to Go to the Nightclub”, uncredited, 1951; (“I Love Lucy”) musician: trumpet player, 178 episodes, 1951-57; The Carol Burnett Show, musician: trumpet player, 276 episodes, 1967-78; as well as (“I Love Lucy”): The Very First Show, uncredited trumpet player, 1990, is born this date, 5/30, in 1926.

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Born 4/4/44:



Craig T. Nelson, producer, director, writer; actor, 79 titles; of Coach fame, 199 episodes, as Coach Hayden Fox, 1989-1997; The District, 80 episodes, as Chief Jack Mannion, 2000-2004, fame, stars, Lucille Ball Productions', Lucille Ball, Producer, uncredited, All The Right Moves, as Nickerson, 1983; as well as appears with Lucille, archivally, and Lucie Arnaz, Bob Hope: The First 90 Years, 1993, is born this date in 1944.

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On the occasion of HIS birthday:


Spencer Tracy, d. 6/10/67; two-time Academy Award-winning actor, 78 titles; Lucille Ball co-star, Fox' Bottoms Up, 1934, and MGM, Without Love, 1945; with Lucille, Hollywood Without Make-Up, 1963; The Big Parade of Comedy, 1964; with the Arnazes, Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage, each archivally, 1983; with Lucille and Vivian Vance (Lucy's Ethel Mertz), 50 Years of Funny Females, each archivally, 1995; as well as with the Arnazes, ABC 2000: The Millennium, each archivally, 1999, is born this date 4/5, in 1900.

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