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Jimmy Garrett -- Live interview this month!

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Jimmy Garrett, Wanda Clark & Frank Gorey are all being interviewed, live, this month at stusshow.com


Here is info about it copied from Stu's newsletter:


"Upcoming Guests


April 10 - The first of two programs recalling new memories of what it was like to work with the legendary Lucille Ball both personally and professionally begins with a return visit from two people that knew Lucy best (outside of her own family, that is) - Lucy's personal secretary WANDA CLARK and her personal driver/security man FRANK GOREY. It's been over four years since the two last appeared together on the show, and they will have lots more UNTOLD stories to share...and your genial host (who worked for Lucy from 1981-1989) will tell some new ones too!


April 17 - The second program that recalls memories of working with Lucille Ball will feature in-studio guest JIMMY GARRETT (first time on the show - FINALLY!), who played Lucy's son Jerry Carmichael on her second series, "The Lucy Show". Jimmy will talk about his career prior to working with Lucy, which included guest roles on "Twilight Zone" and "Mister Ed", and share his own memories of working with both Lucy and Vivian Vance, as well as guest stars like Dick Martin, Jack Benny, Bob Hope, and Ethel Merman."



The shows are on Wednesdays, 4:00PM PT/ 7:00PM ET & run at least 2 hours (often longer). You can email questions to him in advance. If you can't catch the shows live, he always makes them available for download. There are dozens of excellent Lucy related guest interviews in the archives, from Keith Thibodeaux to Doris Singleton.


I'm really looking forward to the interview with Jimmy Garrett. I saw him on TLS bonus feature but that was only 15 or 20 minutes long. I'm sure he has some interesting stories to tell.

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Haven't seen the dvd interview in almost 4 years but my favorite anecdote was the one where Dick Martin offered Jimmy a cigar and Miss Ball was furious. Can't blame her. Jimmy was what, 8? And Lucy always referred to him as "the baby." He also kept sneaking into the audience or something during the Ethel Merman episode to watch, and Lucy finally found him but she wasn't mad, she wanted him to see what a great performer Merman was. There was also another story where Lucy didn't want him to go on a certain part of the set because he would get hurt since a camera or rig was in the way. I have to see the interview again.

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Chester, your post makes me want to go watch that DVD interview again. :)


I enjoyed Frank & Wanda's interview last night. They are both so sweet. Host Stu's girlfriend was there & told a good Lucy story of her own. Frank is still working on his book. He said he was 1/3 of the way done with it. You may have heard the title he is going to use : "Being Frank With Lucy". Perfect.


Looking forward to Jimmy Garrett's interview next week. B)

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Let's hope they are new stories and not just old ones rehashed in different ways. Get tired of that. Anyway, sounds exciting.


Jimmy hasn't been on Stu's Show before. So all his stories will be new to that audience. There may be stories that you've heard before, but that's the risk you'll take by tuning in. Haaaa.

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