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Writers & ILL cast pic --fixing the script?


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When I watched Lucy in "The Pioneers of Television:Funny Ladies", this picture was shown & I backed up the clip several times to get a good look at it. I was able to find a copy of the pic online. In the room are Lucy, Ricky, Bill, Viv, Bob Carroll, Jr, & Madelyn. I'm not sure if the other two men are Schiller & Weiskopf as I'm not as familiar with their faces. There is also another dark haired woman seen from the back --maybe Cleo or Zoe?


I'm so curious about what they are doing here. Is it a first read? Or are they trying to fix a problem with the script? Maybe it's some sort of staff meeting? How I wish a camera (with audio!) had been there filming. How cool a bonus feature would that behind the scenes footage have been? :)


One of the things my eye was drawn to is the long rectangular stick figure picture on the wall near Lucy. I'm not usually a big fan of the Lucy & Ricky stick figures but I love this! It reminded me of those pictures that were popular in the 60s that were made of tiny pieces of colored stone. The colors were separated by small, thin, black plastic-y ropes. I'm not sure if this is one of those but it immediately came to mind.


Any chance anyone here has seen this stick figure picture before or knows where it is now? Maybe it was in one of the auctions? Could it be hanging in the Lucy-Desi museum? I'd love to see it up close.


So what do you think they are all doing in this picture? Here's the link to it:



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ooohhh I thought this was a later episode, but it being the TB episodes sounds about right. All of them in one room is pretty rare towards the end of the run right? I did read some where that they all sat around for hours discussing what worked and what didn't ESPECIALLY after Jess left.

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