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Happy 80th Birthday Carol Burnett!!!

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Ok I'm a day early (didn't realize it until I glanced at the calendar and it appears you can edit but not delete posts) but since the banner is now up (and is a wonderful photo BTW!!!) Happy birthday to one of tv's alltime greatest stars, CAROL BURNETT, one of Lucy's biggest fans and closest friends. Wow, can hardly believe Carol is now 80 even though it seems like I've known who she was forever (well, she was famous before I was born!) such a legendary presence and indisputably up there with Lucy and Mary as one of the alltime top three greatest female stars of television. Maybe someday she'll surf on here given she's such an admirer of Lucy's and she'll know we may be Lucyities but WE LOVE CAROL TOO!!!

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Thanks for posting that interview with Carol, Luvsbway. Really nice pictures in there, too. The Jimmy Stewart pic reminds me of when her staff secretly invited him to her show as a surprise. They interupted her monologue & pulled back the curtain behind her. There was Mr Stewart in a tux, playing the piano & singing to her. Carol lost it & couldn't even speak because she was crying so hard. He was her idol & she had never met him before that night.


I saw her interviewed on Jay Leno's show recently & she looked & sounded terrific. We should all look so good at 80! :)

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