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Funniest "I Love Lucy" Lines

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Fred: Which way did she go?!

Ethel: She went that way! =>

Fred: This way => ? You're sure?! <=! :o



Ethel: ARE YA WET?! :o

I was just gonna post that one since, it is possibly one of my favorite lines from I Love Lucy. :lol:


But here's one...

Lucy: Oh that must be my dear friend Ethel.. Please Fred I'll open the door.

Fred: Open it?! I was gonna lock it.

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Usher: Ticket please.

Lucy: Oh, I just want to see Bob Hope.

Usher: You and everyone else in Yankee Stadium. I'm sorry.

Lucy: But I've GOT to see him!!

Usher: So see him! Look from heah! <_<

Lucy: You don't understand. I'm Ricky Ricardo's WIFE! :angry:

Usher: That's keen. I'm Phoebe Krausfeld's husband and that still won't do nothin'! :rolleyes:

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Miss McGillicuddy of the Transmifiifgggggghnscreen Agency: Mr. Reilly, I can't let you do this. Imagine Ricky goes to Broadway and the play is a tremendous success! Metro buys the film rights to the musical and want Ricky to play the lead. Naturally, since Ricky has become such a HUGE SUCCESS, Iiiii have to demand a HUGE SALARY. Then someone remembers that he was under contract to you and you released him! THEY FIRE YOU IMMEDIATELY! And no other studio will hire such a dunce! YOU BECOME A PENNILESS BUM! Now I don't want to have to go through life knowing that I was responsible for making you, Walter Reilly... end up in the gutter! ;)



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