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Diosa Costello dies at 100 (or 96)


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Desi's Too Many Girls co-star Diosa Costello has died at the grand old age of 100, according to the Smithsonian, where she recently appeared:




Diosa Costello, known as "The Latin Bombshell," died in her sleep yesterday at the age of 100. In her charismatic performances on Broadway, in films, in nightclubs, and on records, she always exuded unparalleled electricity—a joie de vivre that infused her passion for performing. –


Coming to New York as an adolescent with her family, she soon found herself in the chorus of a theater in Spanish Harlem and making records, singing with Pedro Flores' Orchestra. Diosa then established herself as a nightclub entertainer, appearing at New York's famed La Conga club. While there, she teamed with a then-unknown singer and conga player named Desi Arnaz. She saltily recalled persuading producers to hire him, telling them, "well, he plays the guitar—not so good—and he plays the congas—not so good—but look at that face! The girls will love him!"


More from Dwight Blocker Bowers of the National Museum of American History: http://blog.american...-bombshell.html

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