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Bill Engvall talks Lucy & Lucy Fest

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An excerpt from a great article in today's Jamestown Post Journal with Festival guest Bill Engvall speaking about Lu:


Engvall recalls growing up with Lucille Ball and "I Love Lucy," which is part of the reason it's such a great honor for him to be involved with the festival.

"I grew up watching Lucy, and felt as if she was my second mom - she was the great comedienne," said Engvall. "I was doing a show the other day, and I was doing some material about how I think we've gone too far. In fact, I said that I remember a day when we used to watch Ricky and Lucy, who slept in separate beds, and we were just fine with that. Now, it's basically that people have to have sex in bed before we get interested in it. I don't know when the pendulum swung past that point, but I just think that if you tried to sell a show like that to Hollywood now, televisioners would look at you like you were crazy.

"What made that show so great was that the storylines were just so simple," continued Engvall. "They weren't these complex, undulating stories, it was just here's the deal, Lucy wants to meet John Wayne. You could tell she was one of the greats because all the stars were on that show."

Engvall's favorite part of the "I Love Lucy" series was when Lucy and Ricky moved to the country, he said.

"I thought it opened up things more," said Engvall. "When they were going to buy the house, and she kept saying that she didn't want to move because she didn't want to leave Ethel, but she really did. Anybody that's been married has been through that. But, if I had to pick one episode, I think the one where she was trying to be a pitchwoman for Vitavitavegamin. The faces that she made, and yet still trying to keep a smile on her face cause she had to sell it, was probably my favorite."


FULL ARTICLE: http://post-journal.com/page/content.detail/id/625851/Engvall-Calls-Lucy-Fest--A-Perfect-Match-.html?nav=5192

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Sounds great! Can't wait to see him! Getting anxious to see a few of you at the Lucy Festival! :D I know I have been very quiet on here but I hav been trying to stay away from stress, and any arguing and stuff like that that goes on in here gets to me, so.. I just leave it be. Taylor lets me know what goes on, and I do pop in from time to time but stay quiet. Just can't wait to meet some of you and see the sites! :D Will be so neat! ttfn!

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