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The Lucy Show OR Here's Lucy

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I'll take The Lucy Show over Here's Lucy.  All six seasons of The Lucy Show were great (a few duds in every season just like I Love Lucy had in season one) and Lucy, Viv and Gale were great and even without Viv the show still was great.  I do like Here's Lucy and there are many classic and funny episodes but Lucy quit just at the right time during the 73-74 season, which is Lucy's weakest season and Here's Lucy (in my opinion) has only about ten really good episodes in season six.  There are many episodes during each season that I just can't sit through.  Here's Lucy was a series that from week to week changed.  You would get a really good episode (Lucy the Shopping Expert) then a so-so episode (Lucy the Skydiver) to a simply horrible episode i.e. Lucy in the Jungle.  In any event, Here's Lucy was a well produced comedy with many good and bad episodes, but in the long run it further established Lucy's enduring longevity.  Lucy will always be my favorite and I'll even take bad episodes of Here's Lucy any day over the sitcoms of today which are just unwatchable i.e., Dr. Ken, Speechless, Odd Couple, 2 Broke Girls, Blackish, Great Indoors, and the worst HBO's Girls starring Lena Dunham who is simply the worst.

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On 12/18/2016 at 3:57 AM, Mot Morenzi said:

I can understand where you're coming from. The addition of the kids helped Lucy Carter feel more fleshed out than the later years of Lucy Carmichael, where she was so isolated, save for the guest stars and Mooney

To me it seemed like the early years of Here's Lucy reverted the Lucy character back to season one of The Lucy Show with Lucy having a home life again with kids in the picture. I surely enjoyed the first four seasons of Here's Lucy tremendously especially the first two when I first saw them over twenty years ago. With seasons five and six, my initial reaction was disappointment as it seemed those two seasons were echoing the last three seasons of The Lucy Show.

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