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$25,000 Pyramid with Lucie and Clifton Davis

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Here is a September 1975 installment of the $25,000 Pyramid hosted by Bill Cullen with guests Lucie Arnaz and Clifton Davis.






GSN never really showed these '70s episodes on a regular basis. The guests were much more famous than on the '80s episodes they always ran. I wonder if a majority of the episodes were lost/destroyed.

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Lucie and Gabe Kaplan:






I love the clue given for "Betty White." 


Note that they pretend that Gabe Kaplan's sitcom had already premiered, but they call it "Welcome Back." The title was originally supposed to be "Kotter," but then was changed to "Welcome Back, Kotter" after the theme written by John Sebastian (Vivian's godson) was heard by the powers that be. There must have been a time in between where they just wanted to call it "Welcome Back."

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When Lucie is giving the clue for "magic carper", I totally would have got that if she said" a really bad movie my mom made when she was pregnant with me.".

RIGHT lolol 

I also noticed HER MOTHER comes out when she's trying to get him to get Magic Carpet though lol 

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