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The Facts of Life's Oscar Win


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This deserves a thread of its own. Great to finally see this! Any bets Edith Head was in the can?




And who is responsible for Barbara Rush's weird little hat? She looks like a bellhop.

I think Barbara borrowed one of Jackie Kennedy's pillbox hats but took one for very small pills.  That was so nice to see, and he even mentioned Lucy in his acceptance speech.  I guess Lucy FOISTED him on Edith.  He must have borrowed HIS tie from Desi, we just saw Desi wearing it on another post.

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Doris was nominated for Pillow Talk the previous year. In 1960 she was seen as a frontrunner for Midnight Lace, but was not nominated.

The nominees were: Shirley MacLaine - The Apartment, Deborah Kerr - The Sundowners, Greer Garson - Sunrise at Campabello, Melina Mercouri - Never On Sunday, and Elizabeth.

O M G if the Oscar voters went with talent instead of sympathy, it would have been Shirley MacLaine for sure, she was sensational in The Apartment.  So were the other three of course.

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