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Has anybody read this book

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I've seen that back in 1962 or Whitman had book titled "Lucy and the Madcap Mystery. based on the characters from the Lucy Show. Looks like Whitman did alot of ties for tv shows and tv characters: Lassie, Gilligan's Island,.The Waltons, etc. Just  wondering if anyone has a copy or read the book?

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This was one of the first Lucy collectibles I ever found -- and it is a pretty fun read! (It's a pretty standard story, however, that could have been adapted to any TV tie-in)

Found a (very worn) copy at a used book sale a few years ago. Obviously meant for younger readers, but still fun to read. I also have a Beverly Hillbillies book from the same series.

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These Whitman tv-tie ins apparently sold tons of books and were a running series for years, I think from the late 50's to early  70's,  most of them are easy to find and usually not that expensive, you can find  them on ebay, abebooks.com, Amazon, etc.  I used to see the Beverly Hillbillies edition sometimes at The Salvation Army or other charity shops super cheap back in the 1990's, must have sold a ton.  Took me awhile but finally got the Lucy about ten years ago at a library book sale (books donated by the public), in gorgeous condition for all of a buck!! There were several tv shows novelized in this series from Annie Oakley to  Dragnet to The Munsters to The Big Valley to The Mod Squad.  I think there was also Bewitched, Bonanza, etc. plus multiple books of Lassie.


But to answer you're question - no, I've never read it!!! :hlLOL:

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