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On the cutting room floor

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Are there any scenes or pieces of back story alluded to on ILL, LDCH, TLS, HL, or LWL -- or even something happening off screen -- you wished were actually played out?


It just occurred to me while watching Hollywood Anniversary tonight. When Mrs. McGillicuddy sees the item about the supposedly star-studded anniversary party at The Mocambo, one of her first thoughts is to run down and tell that "snooty Mrs. Anderson" who "thinks her daughter is such a much." Then a couple of scenes later, she's foisting Little Ricky on her when mother and daughter decide to crash the nightclub with Bobby. It would have been great to have a little snippet of interaction between these two dames holed up in The Beverly Palms. Mrs. McGillicuddy has only been in LA for a few days and already she has a social rival? lol Perhaps most importantly -- who could have played Mrs. Anderson? Florence Packer?


Another instance -- seeing the girls reacting in real time to the "nauseating" scene where Bill Hall cornered Eve Whitney and asked "to hear the story of her life."


And, of course, anything involving Irma Mooney.



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Hmm, interesting ideas!


I would've loved to have seen Lucy making a U-turn in the Holland Tunnel had they had the capabilities of filming that.


Also (and this really is something off the cutting room floor) the full-length shower sequence from Lucy & Viv Put in a Shower. I understand why the had to cut it down but I'd love to see the excerpts.

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How about Lucy and Ricky creating Little Ricky. ;)


Just kidding.




John Wayne's footprints under their beds. Since they did receive a lifetime supply of them. Unless Grauman's ended up getting them all!


Lucy swimming the English Channel.


Rose Nylund's husband, Charlie. Wait.. Wrong thread. :D

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Lucy trying to catch the pilot boats


Ricky's reaction to all the beef shoved in the furnace (lol that sounds kind of wrong)


Lucy riding Annabelle the Horse and going UP and OVER everything


Lucy getting caught on the Ridgebury Community Church steeple thanks to the balloons and flying through a flock of geese

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Lucy making a play for the extraordinary old tin can run over by Cary Grant's left rear wheel. Since we never heard about Cary Grant for the rest of the Hollywood trip (aside from his supposed invitation to the Ricardo open house planned for the day after Carolyn's layover to Hawaii), I think we can only assume despite being left in a state of shock after knocking the pie on Bill Holden that Lucy still had the presence of mind to make a play for the can after they left The Derby around the same time as Grant.


Little Renita and cab driver Fred's shortcut through Pilladelpia.


Little Ricky chasing after the pigeons and Lucy chasing after him. Little Ricky running after the squirrels and Lucy running after him. Little Ricky getting on the swing and Lucy pushing the swing. Little Ricky going over to the teeter-totter. Little RIcky teetering and Lucy really tottering. (Repeat)

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