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What's in a name?

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A fun game.  Has Lucy ever said your name (first or last) in an episode of one of her shows or movies?  Also in the same vein, has she ever said the name of your hometown/town you currently live in?


As far as my first name, Lucy and Shelley Winters has her saying my first name a lot (Shelly, I spell it different).  As far as my last name when she is talking to Carol Krausmeyer she mentions zippy Zimmerman, so I get my last name said too.


For town mentions the closest I come is in TLS in the beginning of the Greenback bird episode Lucy and Viv are talking about going to Hawaii and are hoping to pay for it with green stamps.  They apparently only have enough to get to Harrisburg, PA.  Harrisburg is about 20 mins form me and is the town I work in.  

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Yes, my real last name (Wilcox) is mentioned a few times in her shows (I remember the name "Howdy Wilcox" being mentioned somewhere). Also, this wasn't in a show, but Lucy and her family lived in an apartment complex in Jamestown called The Wilcox Apartments which I learned this summer to my amusement. Lol. As for my first name, the closest I've heard is "Kenny."

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