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DVD Alert -- The Milton Berle Special (Lucy & Desi)


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Somewhere along the line, I did see this and can't say I was impressed. Don't remember much about it, so am looking forward to a report.

However, I believe it was a special because Berle did not have a series at that point.


Correct.  Milton Berle's series had ended four years earlier.  This special aired as part of an anthology series called Sunday Showcase.  This is one of only three segments of the Sunday Showcase series that featured Berle.  The three segments were "The Milton Berle Show," which aired on October 25, 1959 and featured Danny Thomas, Peter Lawford and Lana Turner; "A Tribute to Eleanor Roosevelt on Her Diamond Jubilee," which aired October 11, 1959 (Berle was one of numerous celebrities in the cast); and this one, called "The Milton Berle Special," which aired November 1, 1959, a little over a month following "Milton Berle Hides Out at the Ricardos."



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I saw the "The Lucy-Desi Milton Berle Special" listed on amazon released Jan 28th, 2014.  Does anyone know if this is a show in the ILL series already?  I do not remember it.   Thanks much!


Hi rspeterson3! good to see ya! 

you might find more info  by clicking here  : http://www.lucylounge.com/index.php?/topic/2768-dvd-alert-the-milton-berle-special-lucy-desi/


hope this helps :)

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I just got home from work and am taking the DVD for a spin as we speak. The picture quality isn't perfect but it is much better than I expected and is highly watchable. Will post some screen grabs later.


Interestingly enough, the DVD producers have claimed copyright and a date of 2013 at the start of the show.

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