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Lucie plugs "A Home Movie" on Vicki


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I saw it yesterday. It is great.  I feel Lucie is still coming to terms with her life she seems a little edgy.  I also saw yesterday Profiles that was just done.  Here Lucie is older, more at peace with her life, relaxed and having more fun during the interview



Here is another interview I saw.  This is a 70s trip.  What a odd decade.  Everyone seems odd in it.  Lucie is funny at the beginning and her bridge story sounds like LUcy performing but she seems a little tipsy.  Desi Jr. when he said he needs to get over smoking but no other habits looks like he is afraid he'll get caught.  Maybe he is on drugs during this time.  THe host is the oddest at all.  He seems to get distracted easily and picks the oddest brother and sister problems.



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That Boggs show is funny. They liked to beat each other up. Liked the hitting her brother with a surf board story. Never knew she dated the host.


I think she has really figured a lot out in her life since doing the home movies. She's admitted she came off that experience as a different person and it's developed over the years from there.

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