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Which ILL character are you?

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I have no problem with this....as a matter of fact, I'm tickled pink!!! :D

Guess I've got to get busy and "own my spotlight and FLAUNT it"!  :lol:


Which “I Love Lucy” Character Are You?

You got: Lucy Ricardo 
Oh! You have some explainin’ to do! You’re a troublemaker and that’s sexy. The world revolves around you, so own your spotlight and flaunt it.
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For Claude (SPOILERS!):

To get  :lucy1:  choose Smarties, Jackson Pollock, Hollywood Hills Mansion, the James Dean who is in the lower left looking at something off-camera, Disneyland, Good Morning Breakfast, Stella Adler, Broadway Stage, Coke, and Lizzy Taylor. ;)

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