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Luci at Cafe Carlyle


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I'll be there! This is a new show although it probably features numbers that Lucie has performed in her various acts in the past. She's mainly done versions of her Latin Roots show the past few years. I'm also surprised she hasn't played 54 Below yet. I saw Michele Lee there recently and it's a great place.

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Busty Ingels (Miss Shirley Jones to y'all) just played there early March to good reviews.  Must be a nice venue, and if as intimate as it sounds, what a great chance to see a real performer "up close and personal"! :D


I hope it's "Latin Roots" she's doing as it's an amazing show and reflects just what an absolutely AMAZING performer -- showman, in fact -- Ms. Arnaz has become in this fantastic tribute to her parents -- yes, that's right, it's not just a tribute to her Dad's WUNDAFUL influence and musical legacy but to her lovable mother's fantastic legacy as well, very obviously passed on to her daughter in equal measure. 


Never been the biggest fan of Lucie's "voice" but she has certainly made the most of it and her presence onstage is captivating. 


Regardless the show, should you get a chance to see Lucie "live", RUN don't walk and don't miss out on an evening of incomparable entertainment put on by a real pro! ;)

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I saw Lucie's show tonight and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen Lucie do (and I've seen a lot of 'em!). It's almost entirely new material or songs she hasn't done in a long time. Highlights: her opening number "Love" (originally from Ziegfeld Follies), "(Love is) The Tender Trap," "You Can Always Count on Me" (from City of Angels), "Namely You" (from Lil Abner), "Fun to Be Fooled," a medley of "The Things We Did Last Summer" and "Where Do You Start?," and Ron Abel and Chuck Steffan's "Until Now."


Highlights among highlights: a song Lucie wrote herself when a love affair went wrong (it was great song and the story she told leading up to it was hilarious), "Just a Housewife" (I haven't heard her sing this song a long while. It's an absolute showstopper.), and her perfect finale, "That's All."


It was a great evening. The show is titled "Spring is Here" and as I left the Carlyle, it was snowing! I hope Lucie has more appropriate weather for the rest of the run.

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Thanks for the recap. Was That's All, thee That's All because that sounds so beautiful and bitter sweet. I've been listening to City of Angels a lot and with her voice she probably knocked it out of the park.


Any noteworthy people in the audience?

It was the famous "That's All."


Lucie was the original choice to star in City of Angels, but it was immediately after she moved back to Los Angeles in 1988. She said she couldn't uproot her children so soon again.


The most notable person in the audience was Rex Reed.

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