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I LOVE LUCY Then and Now!


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Posted this on my Facebook page, but thought it more appropriate to share here.



The Ricardos and the Mertzes arrived in Hollywood in Ricky's cool, new Pontiac convertible via the brand new Hollywood Freeway in Los Angeles, CA. As we all know, Lucy and Ethel went on a Hollywood/Beverly Hills bus tour. Deciding to pick a grape fruit from Richard Widmark's home for her ultimate souvenir, Lucy encourages Ethel to depart the bus with her and the rest is TV history. Enjoy these then and now photos.

























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I think this is so cool. Thanks for doing this, Rick!



Just wish they were out of the studio more in the series heyday, but that's life. Eventually, they showed us other parts of the world, but always on a set, except for Las Vegas and Sun Valley.

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These are incredible! Fantastic work. Thanks for sharing! Now, the next step is to send you out on the road to recreate the George Washington Bridge, the remails of the Texas Ann Motel, and to Lower Slobovia to find Aunt Sally's! ;)



Oh, well...I decided to go to Turo, first!

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