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Lucy Presents at the 1952 Academy Awards

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I was never sure if this footage still existed! Lucy presenting the Short Film awards at the 1952 Academy Awards.   :HALKING:  :HALKING:  :HALKING:



Harry:  thanks SO MUCH for this remembrance - into the chronology it goes; since I believe it's the first I had known of it in all the research I've done.  Loving you, JK

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So cool! She certainly whip through those categories. I wonder if Lucy was disappointed that her one 1951 release "magic Carpet" was not up for any award.

I had no idea any of the pre-Broadcast academy awards existed on color film, no less. Though this would definitely use some expert color correction. I think the first time it was aired was 1953.

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I was amazed to see this was in color. If all Oscars got through awards this fast today it would be a feat.


Do we know if Lucy did anything else at the Oscars other than 89'?


She looked better here than I think at all the other Emmy's she attended and won at. That was some dress.

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I saw this on Youtube and was just about to post it!!!

Anyway, the footage looks kind of like it was colorized. Is there any other color footage from this ceremony?

There is color film of the ceremonies held in 1951 and 1952. It's the real color. I guess they were filmed for archival purposes because the show was televised for the first time in 1953. The telecasts beginning in 1953 were in black and white.


Here are some other color clips from the 1951 and 1952 ceremonies:



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She looks so glamorous and oozes "Hollywood Royalty"

She's not only funny, but she's interesting, she's poise, yet she's funny and whimsical (1:37) lol 

but what gets me is the universal appeal she has in capturing and charming the audience (2:47 -3:08) 

she had something special! 

Lucy Presents an award to the Walt Disneys camp!?!? A TRUE GEM!!

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