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Forever Darling in Texas.

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After reading this I was able to put more of this promotional tour’s timeline together. I always thought the pics of Lucy and Desi on the back of the train with the kids was at the start of the tour but from this article it places the train portion at the end as they left Texas and took the train back to LA. I always wondered why Desi had that cowboy hat on and now it makes sense.


From what I have put together they started in NYC. There are 2 TV show appearances that match this. They did the Ed Sullivan Show and Desi appeared on What’s My Line. On What’s My Line the guest was the guy who was going to fly the helicopter in to Jamestown. According to articles in this blog post he did the same thing in Texas too. On What’s My Line Desi mentions Lucy is watching at Grand Central. So I take it they took the train to Jamestown? I was thinking they flew into Buffalo or something but train does make more sense for this time period.


In Jamestown they landed at the high school via helicopter. In a Look Magazine article I have there is a photo of Lucy and Harriet sitting at the train station in Jamestown around 1am waiting on a train to leave. So my question is where did the train take them? Also what other cities were on the promotional tour?

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'So I take it they took the train to Jamestown?' -luvsbway


It seems to me they took the helicopter from Buffalo; shorter distace that the nearly 400 miles from NYC; the helicopter pilot was a Jamestown area native, Floyd Carlson, oddly, father-in-law (ex) of my husband!!!!  He died young, helicopter accident; not sure what year.  I'll try to do some checking; but, I believe I'm right about that.  Loving you, JK


PS  A 1,000,000 THANKS for that wonderful series of DATES for the chronology - you are the best!

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