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A Lucy Paradox

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I stumbled across a paradox between Lucille Ball, the Ricardos, Lucy Carter, and the Williams family from Make Room For Daddy.

In 1958, the Ricardo family met the Williams family. In 1971, Lucy Carter visited the Williams family. But Lucy Carter also met Lucille Ball. Does this mean that Lucille Ball never did I Love Lucy? According to this TV universe, we can assume that Lucy did Mame and Dance Girl Dance (referenced in the HL Andrews Sisters episode). Does anyone have their own take on this?

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You would think that at some point when Lucy Carter came to visit The 1971 Williams family Danny would notice a striking resemblance to the Lucy he met back in 1958. Of course maybe he thought that was Lucy Carter then too.


Now looking at Lucy Carter meeting Lucille Ball we have a weird paradox here too. You ask if that LB never did ILL based on the Williams paradox. I’m not sure that really has much to do with it. But here are some other things to ponder if she did do ILL. In LB’s dressing room on the HL episode 90% of the pictures are from Mame, but if you look closely there is a glamour shot from the 60’s and the Charlie Chaplin pic from TLS. No pics from the 50s or ILL. Also a few of the costumes in the closet are from TLS most notably the sequined jacket from the Dean Martin episode.


Another thing about this LB/LC paradox. Even though Kim wears a wig for the final look alike competition LB sees here then (remember LB was not at the tryouts Kim went to) and maybe before the completion starts. Didn’t LB notice that Kim looks a heck of a lot like her own daughter? Also to further play in to this, in LB’s dressing room I spotted the mid 60’s family pic that has Gary and the kids in. Maybe LC missed this pic but if not didn’t she notice that Craig and Kim look a heck of a lot like LB’s kids?


I also noticed a picture of Lucy and DeDe in LB’s dressing room. Maybe another picture LC missed but if she saw it wouldn’t she wonder why the pic was taken in her living room? Also LC goes through the closet. She didn’t notice that a few things in there looked just like clothing she had (as some of this stuff was worn in other HL episodes)? Maybe she just thought LB had good taste.

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