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National Comedy Center

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8/4/2017 - Hoping those of you here for LucyFest see this today:


The Post-Journal, Jamestown NY, 'I believe this is going to be a national attraction.' Capitol Punch Line, Cuomo Announces More State Funding for National Comedy Center, by Dennis Phillips, "1st live comedy routine might have occurred in future home of the NCC based on celebration of comedy.  Thursday, NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo and Howard Zensky, Empire State Development president and chief exec. officer, announced an additional $500 thousand state funding for NCC, to promote the facility scheduled to open 2018, through the I Love NY tourism campaign.  To date, NYS has granted $14 million to the project;" [article shortened for effect], published, 2017.   [for further $$ information preceding years: entire article, www.thepost-journal.com]

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August 17, 2017 [Wondering WHY this is NCC thread? You may see in a moment; I find it fascinating!]



The Post-Journal, Jamestown NY, 'Officials Hopeful Northwest Arena Expansion Draws More Revenue, by Dennis Phillips, "In order to generate more revenue; and to increase year-round use, Northwestern Arena officials are planning $5 million, expansion. Co-presidents spoke of preliminary plans to construct a 5,000 ft. Kids Zone play area:  ideal for parents wanting to leave children  in a safe place while they tour the NCC or while another child participates in a skating event.  Constructing a new addition will eliminate the need for the anticipated connection between the Arena and NCC; which necessitates the need to close W. 2d St., between Lafayette, Washington Sts. Costs of construction also factor in: there will be less cost. In addition to Kids Zone, a gift shop will be created; and OFFICE SPACES FOR THE NATIONAL COMEDY CENTER - by lease arrangement; as well as space for 1st floor gift shop; a concession stand for snacks, deli sandwiches, soda, water; [officials stress they are NOT looking to compete with area restaurants] and enhance the 3rd floor conference room, making it available for catered meals and redesigned to enhance experience with views of ice rink and downtown Jamestown. Project also includes redesigned in-one-place office space for Arena staff members and officials [which presently exist throughout the facility.] All the above, proposed addition: $5 million; would de-necessitate the reliance on Gebbie Foundation 'yearly'$$ influx.  [The Arena, built in 2001, funded with $20 million by Gebbie, plus a yearly 'grant' toward debt service; and has been making operations 'grants' each year:  ultimate goal:  self-sustaining entity.]  The Arena presently 'hosts' 250,000 visitors yearly;" published, 2017.


[shortened for effect; editorial comment by me]

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November 5, 2017

The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Coming Attraction, Tour highlights Progress of Comedy Center, by Dennis Phillips, [P-J Photos, D. Phillips, a mixture of old-world brick, new vibrant colors inside the NCC; stage of world's 1st Hologram Comedy Club located inside NCC, in partnership w/Hologram USA to display holograms of famous comedians delivering well-known routines.] "Construction continues on national attraction based on celebration of comedy.  NCC Officials took Post-Journal on tour Wednesday. Officials completed capital funding campaign spring 2017 on $50 million experience, allowing continuation into production phase w/Cortina Productions, Electrosonic, Adirondack Studios, Clark Patterson Lee, E.E. Austin & Son, Jack Rouse Associates and most recently, Herzog & Company, firm producing the media components of immersive exhibits. Concurrent to production of visitor experience, NCC is developing national marketing plan; working w/NY Governor's I Love New York program creating partnerships w/Niagara Falls, local, regional hotels, casinos, tour bus operators, more. The NCC is designed to be a national attraction based on celebration of comedy:  the craft and its contributors; embodying Lucille Ball's vision for her hometown;" [for further information  entire article, www.thepost-journal.com];" published, 2017.
[shortened for effect. . .]
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The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Editorial Page, City Should Make Most Of Its Extra Time On Downtown, “Work progressing on Comedy Center. Interior BPU substation hardly recognizable even w/much brick, steel interior intact; companies throughout northeast working to create exhibits, activities for center; w/construction complete in 2018.  Officials say they only have ‘one chance’ to open correctly; rather than to open quickly; roughly 19 months until official opening;” published, 2017.

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