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I Just Saw A Lucy Regular In...

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Speaking of Kathleen Freeman, I have been catching up on watching the first season of The Donna Reed Show over the past couple of weeks, and she is hilarious in her role as the Stones' busybody neighbour.

Kathleen was one of the all time BEST character actresses around, and Lucy sure knew it and said it often.

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As you can tell I listen to the Broadway channel all day at work. Today's Lucy regular was Kathleen Freeman in her last role ever in The Full Monty.


Sadly I did not get to see her in the show but caught Mame's Gooch Jane Connel in the role on bway.

Jane must have been just as good as Kathleen as they were both terrific character actresses.

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I'm sure this is not what you had in mind when you started this thread but as i watched the show the other day, the one where she tells Ricky she's SPECTIN, they're dancing at the club, no wait, it's the show AFTER the one described above, anyhoo, she thinks he's not thinking of her and only the baby so he takes her to eat and dance at the club and there's that guy from the boat trip to Europe.  You know the one, keeps looking at the camera and wants to make sure he's seen by everyone, well, i guess it's because nobody noticed him dancing in this one so he was making up for it.

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