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References To Other Lucy Stuff

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So what are all of the little in-jokes you can remember from her shows? You know, like when they'd make a joke or a sly reference to something she's done in the past? Here are the ones that come to mind for me:

  • Bill in TLS "I gotta a feeling I know him from somewhere!" (Horse Guest)
  • Pictures of young Lucy on the wall in TLS (Gun Moll)
  • Pictures of young movie star Lucy on Kim's bedroom wall in HL (Andrews Sisters?)
  • The grandson's soccer team on LWL is called The Wildcats (World's Greatest)
  • Hey Look Me Over played in:
  1. Lucy, Harry, and Kim's bank robbing medley on HL (Candid Camera)
  2. Lucy Carter does that thing on the plane with David Frost (Night-Night)
  3. Lucy Barker is humming it as she's walking down the stairs (Breaking Up)
  4. Lucy Barker plays it on the kazoo in her one man band (Breaking Up)
  • On Mothers-In-Law, when Desi Jr. is playing Babalu and Old Desi is like "I never heard that before..." (Hombre Who Came To Dinner?)
  • Of course, when Eve says "It ain't Lucille Ball!" (Wig Story)

Feel free to post other Lucy references you can remember!

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Van Johnson talking about the movie His, Hers, and Theirs -Guess Who Owes Lucy 23.50-Here's Lucy


Ricky's first show in NYC was Too Many Girls-ILL


Ricky and Lucy got married at The Byrum River Beagle Club- The Marriage License- ILL


Lucy checking her hair in her own picture- Lucy Get's Lucky


Mentioning the names of movies she was in with Ginger- Ginger Rogers Comes to Tea- Here's Lucy


The real life photos used in the opening credit- What Now Catherine Curtis

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In Lucy and the Generation Gap, Lucy as Caesar's wife is reading Roman Scandals magazine.


One reference I didn't notice until a few years ago and I'm not sure of it's intentional or not: in A Date for Lucy, Kim and Craig say that Tony Rivera (Cesar Romero) played the drums with them. Lucy says, "Just what I need - another drum player." It's obviously a joke about Craig, but it could also be a reference to her real life first husband.

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