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Lucy Auction April 16


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Black Sparrow Auctions is auctioning off a collection of Lucy memorabilia and personal items. There are some interesting items here including Lucy's final driver's license.




News story about the auction: http://english.cntv.cn/2015/03/26/VIDE1427301360093687.shtml



Anyone remember Lucy ever wearing this outfit? I know Lucie wore it multiple times on Here's Lucy (including Lucy and Ann-Margret). The two did share clothes on a number of occasions. 



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How cute is that picture on her drivers license.

Interesting too that she got it right around the time they'd have started shooting "Life With Lucy"!  As a matter of fact, there's a small DMV office very near "the Lot" (Warner Hollywood then) where she conceivably have gotten this processed!  God I'd love to know the timeline of these respective events..... :D

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Similar style but different print. This lot and others are questionable in regards to what they are being described as. For instance the aprons. I don't think these were ones worn by Lucy on the show rather they are the merchandise created in the 50's like the ones she wore. They are in too good of shape. The props too are somewhat off, details missing and the percolator is too clean and shiny. The ones used were dulled so the lights would reflect on camera. There seems to be a misunderstanding somewhere. 

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